The importance of a quality translation

As other professions which have their object of work in language, translation requires pinpoint accuracy that ensures quality required by the client and secured to him by the person or the company providing the service.

Many times, there are little prepared translations; translations which, in the end, are unable to fulfil the function for which they were hired. The translation quality is synonymous with success. Because a quality translation not only moved a Word from one language to another, but claims the translator his role in “consolidation and Update languages”, as Maria Teresa Cabré (Spanish linguist, President of the networkInter-American terminology in Spain).

The quality of translations is imperative. However, in technical texts is even, if it were possible, much more necessary. Consider medical translations, for example. If there are no quality not only someone who does not understand the text, but which can create a dangerous situation for some people, like those who read the leaflet translated from a medicine or the doctor who read a report.